Monday, March 27, 2017

Drivers Choice Forgives Your Credit

There are many pitfalls lurking in the financial universe waiting to plummet your delicate credit score. As it is so unnervingly easy to blemish your credit, it’s quite possible that a financially wise person will have less than perfect credit. Drivers choice understands that life happens, and takes the first step in instilling trust.

There are just three things needed in order to get your approval; you need to have a valid drivers license, your gross monthly income must be over $800, and you need to have Auto Insurance. It’s that simple! If you meet the criteria above, the next step is to come in for your quick trade appraisal and/or test drive.

Drivers Choice has the advantage of possessing the largest inventory of quality vehicles in the Quad cities, as well as a multitude of local and national lenders that enables us to be more flexible on your behalf. Our credible lenders report to all credit bureaus to patently improve your credit score, no matter where you’re starting out!

For added piece of mind, all of our vehicles have been inspected and come with a guaranteed warranty.

Visit us here to schedule your test drive, or peruse our vast selection of quality vehicles right here.

Monday, March 20, 2017

All Season Tires vs. Summer/Winter Tires

For those of us with four radically different seasons in the year, we can always expect to encounter radically different roads as well. Yet, often times, cars are sold off the lot sporting “all-season” tires. One could easily assume that their all season tires are capable of handling hot summer pavement and winter ice the same as specifically designed tires would be. This is unfortunately due to a misrepresentation of all season tires combined with a general lack of basic tire knowledge abound.

 All season tires do indeed contain a portion of the needed qualities for summer and winter grip alike. With compromise, however, comes sacrifice. All season tires are lacking fundamental qualities of BOTH tires ideal for their assigned season.

There are multiple categories of tire composition- each one responsible for a faucet of the tires performance. As far as weather handling goes, key factors are going to be the tire treads rubber composition, depth, patterns, and edges.

Summer tires — known simply as “tires” before all-season tire use became widespread — are currently marketed as “performance” or “high-performance” tires. The tread is generally comprised of large tread blocks with high lateral stiffness, while wide circumferential grooves expel and sequester water. The rubber formulation is calibrated for firmness and isn’t nearly malleable to efficiently tackle slick roads.

Snow tires, on the other hand, utilize rubber compounds specifically formulated to produce grip at low temperatures and a tread that features a pattern of elements that are designed to physically bite into snow. A network of hair-thin cuts — known as “sipes” — crisscrosses the tread blocks, subdividing them into numerous edges for added grip. The result is a squishier, less stable tread than you'd see on any summer tire.

Now, because all-season tires are perceived as the do it all tires, this means that all season tires are expected to satiate an infeasible amount of criteria. If you experience the extremes of winter, mounting winter tires isn’t an over-the-top precaution – it’s an essential safety measure that could save your life.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Put a Penny in your Tire!

As we bid another bone chilling February adieu, we welcome in the fresh spring air, basketball madness, and Girl Scout cookies of March. Although the ice and snow have left (fingers crossed) there are still some potential road discrepancies that drivers need to be conscious of to assert road safety.

We can expect plenty of cloudy days and nightly showers this month; hence we can expect to combat wet roads. One of the most important things to be mindful of during the rainy season is the tread and overall condition of your tires. Be aware of how your car alerts you of tire issues, or whether or not it does so at all. If your tires look low, you can find the manufacturers recommended tire pressure for your car on a sticker in the door jam or in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have any indication, the optimum pressure is normally between 30-35 psi.

Another imperative thing to be mindful of is the tread of your tires. Without proper tire tread, your car is much more liable to slide out of control on slick roads. An easy way to check this is to simply insert a penny into the groove of your tire with Lincolns head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of Lincolns head, your tread is dangerously low and your tires should be replaced for optimum control on the road.

A key note for this season that’s just as important as tire quality is the effectiveness of your brakes. Working brakes are an imperative aspect of your car during any season, particularly so when road conditions vary day to day.  Brake wear is considered an indeterminate science because it varies between different vehicles, driving styles, and your general road conditions. Your brakes can last up to 70,000 miles, yet could need to be replaced as soon as 25,000 miles. Be nice to your brakes; gradually come to a stop whenever possible and refrain from holding your brakes for extended periods of time. If you feel your car jerking or can hear a squealing sound as your braking, it could be time to have them replaced.

Be mindful of your cars condition and the cues your car gives you so you can always maintain control on the road and ensure safe travels. It’s also up to you, dear driver, to watch the road and practice safe driving habits. 

Beware the Pothole

We’re all too familiar with the danger of potholes around here. After the continuous freezing and thawing of water under the road; the pavement weakens, causing cracks that will be worn down and corroded into potholes. Deep cracks and potholes can cause serious damage to your car- some of them comparable to an accident at 35 mph. In addition to damage to the tire itself, a pothole can cause further damage to your car if your tires are over or under inflated.

If you frequently find yourself driving over potholes, your car could be due for an alignment. Luckily, there are a couple of easy ways you can check the alignment of your car. Things to look for include; uneven tread wear, your vehicle pulling to the left or right, an off center steering wheel when driving straight, or peculiar steering wheel vibration. 

Getting your tires aligned can help your tires perform properly and help them last longer. It also improves handling and keeps your car from veering off to the side or vibrating strangely on the road. If you don’t have any immediate concerns, simply have it checked every 6,000 miles or so, give or take depending on your daily driving conditions.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Detail the exterior like a Pro!

                  Everyone like a clean vehicle, however sometimes having the professionals do it can be expensive and difficult to get an appointment. Here at 12 tips on how to deep clean the interior your car cheaply and effectively.

·         Super Clean  Your Windshield
o   You can deep clean your windshield and remove all the built up grim associated with day to day driving, by going over your windshield with glass cleaner and steel wool, and then treating your windshield with Rain X. You can clean your windshield a couple times a year like this.
·         Renew your Wipers
o   You can renew your wiper blades and keep them from smearing by rubbing them down with rubbing alcohol pads.
·         Get Bugs off of your Grill and Bumper
o   You can remove stubborn bugs out of your grille and your bumper, with the help of dryer sheets. Soak it in warm water, and wipe.
·         Make your Cloudy Headlights Shine Again
o   Shine up cloudy headlights with toothpaste and water. Dilute a little toothpaste in warm water and scrub with a brush then wipe clean.
·         Clean the Top of your Windows
o   Remember to roll down your windows before you start wiping them with glass cleaner.
·         Make your Rims Shine!
o   Use a cleaning powder like Ajax and water to clean your wheels. Dump powder in water, apply to rims with a brush. Scrub off brake dust and grim.
·         Wash with the right Soap
o   Make sure to use car wash soap on your vehicle. Dish soap can do the trick in a pinch, but continual use, can take minerals out of the paint and cause the finish to lose its shine over time.
·         Use a Clay Bar
o   After washing your vehicle, use a clay bar and formulated spray remove bit of grime and gunk that were missed in washing and rinsing.
·         Wax to a Shine

o   Get a synthetic polymer wax and rub in with the foam applicator and rub into the finish using a swirling motion. Follow up with a microfiber towel to wipe off the haze. Have multiple towels to rotate out as they each fill up with used wax.

                We hope that these tips help you with keeping the inside of your car clean. But as always Diver’s Choice is here to take care of all your pre-owned car needs. Contact us today to set any appointment you may need.

Detail your Interior like a Pro!

                Everyone likes a clean vehicle, however sometimes having the professionals do it can be expensive and difficult to get an appointment. Here at 12 tips on how to deep clean the interior your car cheaply and effectively.

·         Use a Cheap Foam Brush or Paint Brush to Dust between the AC Vents.
o   Using a brush allows you to get into the difficult tight crevasses where dirt likes to stick.
·         Vacuum Dust and Dirt as You Brush it Out.
o   Use a vacuum as you brush the dust and dirt out of tight areas, this prevents it from landing on other area, causing extra work. Use this combination on all buttons and knobs to get dirt out of their edging.
·         Replace the Cabin Air Filter
o   By removing and replacing the cabin air filter, you can remove potential smells that could be lingering in your vehicle.
·         Use a Magic Eraser to Remove Sticky Substances from Leather/Vinyl
o   You can use a Magic Eraser with a little bit of water to remove gross and sticky substances form you leather and vinyl. Be sure to not scrub to hard, as you could potentially damage the material that you are trying to clean.
·         Use a Toothbrush to Clean Textured Areas
o   By using an old toothbrush with a bit of dish soap, you can thoroughly clean high traffic, textured areas, with a little elbow grease.
·         Use Olive Oil to Condition Leather
o   Over time, leather can become faded and distressed, you can use a little olive oil and a non-abrasive rag to recondition without spending an arm and a leg of high end products.
·         Remove Pet Hair with a Squeegee
o   You can easily remove stubborn pet hair from your cloth interior but misting the area with water and then running a squeegee over the area. The pet clumps up and can easily be vacuumed or picked up.
·         Use a Fine Bristled Brush to remove Dirt and Crumbs from Seams
o   Getting those fine crumbs and dirt out of the seams in your seats can be difficult. Take a fine bristled brush or toothbrush, and brush the dirt out. Use a vacuum at the same time to quick removal.
·         Use Paper and an Iron to Remove Wax
o   Anyone with children has experienced a crayon left on the back seat in the middle of August. You can easily remove this melted wax by running an iron over a sheet of paper on the effected area.
·         Shampoo the Seats using All-Purpose Cleaner
o   You can easily clean cloth interior of your car using a diluted all-purpose cleaner, a sponge or scrub brush, and washcloths. Spray on the cleaned, scrub and then bloat with a white or un-dyed washcloth or towel.
·         Use the Washing Machine to Clean Your Floor Mats
o   Spray your dirty floor mats with a stain remover, and then use a scrub brush to get deep on the tough stains. Wash on normal cycle in the washer, air dry.
·         Create Your Own Air Freshener
o   Take a mason jar, put burlap under the screw on ring, fill with baking soda and add a couple drops of peppermint or lavender oil! Easy home-made air freshener!

                We hope that these tips help you with keeping the inside of your car clean. But as always Diver’s Choice is here to take care of all your pre-owned car needs. Contact us today to set any appointment you may need.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Avoid the Cost, Keep your Car Maintained

                Most people’s knowledge of cars is turn the key and they work, well that make sure that they a have a full tank of gas. However, sometimes, your vehicle is going to need some maintenance and that can get costly if you haven’t planned ahead.
            Here are some tips to help keep those car maintenance costs low.

·         Pick the Most Reliable Car - The best way to save on auto maintenance is the simplest of all: Buy a car that’s going to require relatively little work. If you spend a few hours browsing the web you’ll quickly get a sense for which makes and models are most reliable. Some model years of otherwise-good cars can be problematic, so don’t assume you can skip the research if you’ve previously had a good experience with a particular model.
            Shop Around for the Best Deal - If you’re in need of automotive maintenance, shop around. The dealership will always be your default choice for any maintenance or repairs that are covered by the car’s warranty. But if you’re footing the bill, it pays to check prices. The difference between different mechanics’ prices might surprise you. Some types of routine car maintenance recur frequently — like oil changes, brakes and mufflers — and prices on those tend to be fairly competitive.
      Stick to a Schedule - If there’s a single piece of car maintenance advice you’ll hear more than any other, it’s probably that keeping up on your routine maintenance will save you money in the long run. Getting your car serviced regularly, the argument goes, keeps it in top condition and allows you — or your mechanic — to spot potential issues before they become serious. Kelley Blue Book, an authority on resale value, recommends regular maintenance to preserve your vehicle’s worth. Remember to document all of your auto maintenance and keep the receipts so you can prove you’ve taken good care of your ride to a potential buyer.

·         Watch for Coupons and Offers - This is the flip side of shopping around for a mechanic when you need work done, and it’s a side benefit of doing your car maintenance on a set schedule. If you know you’re going to need a brake job or an oil change soon, look for coupon offers or other specials ahead of time. Similarly, you might find that your local dealership offers some sort of loyalty package that includes discounted service as a way to keep bringing you back to the lot.

·         Learn How to DIY - One cost-saving measure is handling DIY car repairs or maintenance when it’s practical. At its simplest level, that can simply mean learning how — and how often — to check the various fluids in your car and top them off. Changing your wiper blades is another simple task — though you can often get them installed for free with your purchase — and so is checking the pressure in your tires and reinflating them at your gas station. You’ll find plenty of YouTube videos and online tutorials to guide you, including many from professional mechanics or auto parts suppliers.

·         Check for Secret Warranties - If your car is included in an actual safety recall, you’ll be notified to bring it in for a free repair at your nearest dealership. That’s reassuring — and sometimes lifesaving — but you might be wondering how to find out about problems that never reach the recall stage. If so, check for any “associated documents,” which often instruct the dealers to perform the repair for free or at a sharply discounted rate as a gesture of goodwill. These bulletins are often referred to as “secret warranties” because manufacturers generally don’t make a point of letting owners know about them.

And as always stop by Driver’s Choice and we can set you up with the best service in the Quad Cities. Check out our inventory of the area’s best selection of used cars and contact

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